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Virtual Data Room (VDR) platform

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Legal Sector

Legal sector VDR

The VirtualFiles Legal Sector VDR provides Law firms with a highly reliable platform, using industry leading security whilst being quickly scalable.

This provides more flexibility for billing and simple Virtual Data Room management.

Visit the Legal VDR page.

VF for the Legal Sector

Insurance Sector

Insurance VDR

The VirtualFiles VDR provides the insurance sector with a reliable, secure and scalable platform from which to share documents with suppliers, customers and partners.

The platform has been built from the ground up specifically for this industry.

Visit the Insurance VDR page.

VF for Insurance

Other markets

Other industries and markets

The flexibility of VirtualFiles VDR, means that it can be applied to many industries across multiple vertical markets.

It provides companies with a reliable and scalable application to securely share documents with other offices, employees or customers.

Visit the Other sectors page.

VF for Other markets

About VirtualFiles

VirtualFiles is a next generation Virtual Data Room (VDR) offering a feature rich and highly secure platform for Law Firms and other vertical markets.

Some of the stand-out benefits of VirtualFiles include its 'easy-in easy-out' option, with charging based at data room level, meaning granular usage can be metered and billed appropriately. The advanced security functions of VirtualFiles VDR is based on a cutting edge encryption method, which even our own technicians are unable to access, providing you with the peace of mind that confidential data remains so.

The system is constantly monitored for unauthorised access, with log files available to your administrators and our support team. Our support is entirely based in the UK, with data held solely in UK data centres. The feature list includes:

  • A full audit trail of all activity
  • The interface can be 'white labelled' with your corporate branding
  • Simple controland management of users and access
  • No upper limit on the number of VDR's available
  • Email alerts for critical events
  • 'Easy-in Easy-out' – no fixed term for usage
  • Specify access rights for individual users
  • Advanced and logical find and filter search
  • Easy recovery of accidentally deleted data
  • Archived versions of files and folders, plus version history
  • Create snapshots of the rooms
  • A dedicated and experienced account manager and support team
  • Advanced encryption
  • UK based data storage
  • UK based support team
  • Regular and automated real time backups of data

VirtualFiles - Virtual Data Rooms

The advanced and intuitive Virtual Data Rooms offered by VirtualFiles, allows your company to upload and share highly secure information to authorised users anywhere in the world. Our industry leading Virtual Data Rooms can be co-branded and deployed in minutes, providing total document security to multiple industries such as M&A, Legal, Insurance, Accountancy and mining markets. From our easy to adopt pricing structure, through to the dedication we have for advanced simplicity, it's easy to see why VirtualFiles is changing the Virtual Data Room landscape and fast becoming recognised as the industry standard.


  • Bank level Document encryption at rest on platform
  • Option to encrypt documents once downloaded
  • Granular user access
  • Watermark documents
  • Two form user authentication notification
  • Set document timebombs - access expires after hours, days or weeks
  • Fully audited
  • Allow access by specific IP

Download the VirtualFiles pdf brochure.

Ease of use:

  • Setup in minutes
  • No training required
  • Bulk upload documents
  • Full multi browser support
  • Intuitive interface
  • Advanced reports built-in and ready to use

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  • 15 minutes response, 24/7, 365 day support provided by industry specialists
  • Full training provided if required

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Our head office is in Barnet, Hertfordshire and we have clients based both globally and throughout the UK.

To contact our experienced VDR team then contact us. You can call us on 020 30110240 or by email or using the contact form to the right.